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Compared to us here in the UK, over in the US they’ve really got a knack for doing certain things bigger and larger scale. Halloween is one good example. Check out these amazing installations synchronised to music:

[Or watch the whole playlist here]

  1. Thriller (Michael Jackson) - KJ92508  
    The way the pumpkins light up to mark the path taken by the footsteps at the start of the song, it’s a nice touch hinting at the choreography to come.

    If you’re a fan of LMFAO then chances are you’ve probably already seen this guy’s work. Kevin Judd of Riverside, California is pretty prolific when it comes to amazing light shows on the front of houses. So impressed were LMFAO with his light show, synchronised to Party Rock Anthem, that they approached him and had him do their lights for last year’s American Music Awards.
  2. Supermassive Black Hole (Muse)soilhead13 
    For Rocky Horror fans there’s also one for The Time Warp by this user. It was tough to choose which one to feature.

  3. This is Halloween (Marilyn Manson) - KJ92508 
    Wasn’t kidding when I described this guy as prolific- another one from KJ92508 that I really like. His channel features probably the best examples of creative lighting on YouTube. I love this one featuring Marilyn Manson’s cover of “This is Halloween”. 

    Hope to continue to see more videos of his light shows. Apparently there was an issue with the HOA (Home Owners’ Association?) and he had to stop putting up light shows on his house.
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) - OdessaWest 
    By the way, the numbering is actually rather arbitrary: if the numbering actually meant anything there’d be two or three tied first place with the rest tied second place. I really do think that the ones featured here are the best of the bunch. This one is good enough to be ranked joint first place.

  5. Monster Mash - jennstarr722
    Nice song, nice colours… 

Come Christmas time I’ll probably look at “Awesome Christmas Light Shows” because it was actually a YouTube video of amazing Christmas lights that led me to explore Halloween lights…

Law Abiding Citizen - theatrical release poster

"You can’t fight fate"

Gerard Butler stars as law abiding citizen Clyde Shelton. He has a wife and daughter or at least, had a wife and daughter- until they’re murdered in front of him by burglar Clarence Darby and his accomplice Ruper Ames.

The prosecutor Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) is only interested in racking up convictions which is made difficult in this case due to a bungled forensic investigation. He chooses to secure convictions by making a deal with Darby, the criminal who killed Shelton’s family. As part of the deal, Rice allows Darby to be charged with the less serious third-degree murder if Darby agrees to testify against Ames.

The result is that Ames is sent to death row while Darby merely spends a few years in jail.

What follows is the story of Shelton’s search for justice by any means necessary. He’s going to teach the prosecutor a lesson, if it means he has to kill everyone connected to the case - and he’s going to do it all from his cell while they have him locked up for his clever killings of Ames and Darby.

"Don’t you just love it when the system works?"

This film from director F. Gary Gray (Be Cool, 2005; The Italian Job, 1993) will appeal to anyone who likes an underdog or (as evident with the success of TV series Dexter) loves an antihero. Clyde Shelton, Gerard Butler’s character, is most certainly both.

Shelton is one man against a system he considers broken, armed only with his own ingenuity. Just as we cheer for Dexter Morgan when he despatches the killer-of-the-week, we come to empathise with Shelton with every “deal”  he makes with Rice.

The screenplay was written by Kurt Wimmer who also wrote and directed Equilibrium - which was itself a brilliant film. The appeal of this story is not the body-count which Shelton is responsible for- impressive nevertheless, given his apparent situation. What’s thrilling is how he does it.

Definite points for clever storytelling.