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I studied Computer Science at the University of Reading. I am a geek. Programming is my passion and I am working towards becoming a brilliant coder.

I like music, movies, photography, reading and if I can ever get around to it, writing. Also a fan of horror, sci-fi and fantasy so there's plenty of re/blogging on those areas.

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Many tweaks to this and web presence in general in the pipeline... when I get around to it.

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So, a while back I promised you (or whoever reads my blog anyway) and myself that in an effort to keep my blog regularly updated, I’d put up articles and things that I write for Spark*, the student newspaper at my university The University of Reading. So this is me making a start on that. We used to have a “In Other News” column but I decided to re-purpose it into an Editorial. I feel it adds a personal touch to the section.

I also happen to be the Web Editor too so I heartily encourage you to go have a look at the website at, and if you want to read the latest issue, then that’s just gone up on Issuu - check out the Issuu page on the website or go straight to Issuu.

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Right, I haven’t blogged in months but I am still alive. I’ve just been more active in other places, like Twitter.

In terms of content, I’ll soon be posting up new articles on a (hopefully) regular basis - but more on that in a moment.

Anyway, how is everyone? I’ve been doing alright. I’ve been keeping quite busy actually. In the past few months I’ve been getting stuck in with student media at Reading University.

Junction11 logoRUON TV logo

As of March I’ve been working on the radio station Junction11’s twice-weekly news show and for the past two shows I’ve even been able to read some of it. You can listen to Junction11 online on their website. And as of last month I’m one of the two new editors for the Science & Technology section of our Spark* newspaper - I finished editing our section yesterday for the next issue, out this Friday. It’s also likely that I’m also going to be the new Spark* Web Editor too because right now all we’ve got right now is the twitter account @SparkNewspaper - someone needs to get the Spark* website back up and running and keep it that way. It had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong. ;). 

And hopefully I can get more involved with RUON TV, our TV station… going to production meeting tomorrow to see what comes up.

But anyway, on to content. Whenever I write an article for Spark*, I’ll also post it on my blog :)