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In November (press release here) Canon releases the Powershot S100, the successor to its hugely successful Powershot S95 (itself an evolution of the earlier S90).

This will probably mean that prices of the still extremely capable S95 will fall. Anyone who has been waiting for prices to fall, might consider taking the plunge when they do.

Although if you’re anything like me, you’ll look at the S100 and start salivating and wanting that instead because it does indeed improve on the S95. Unfortunately, if you do want a Canon Powershot S100, it will set you back £439 (RRP). That’s not far off from the cost of several entry-level DSLRs released not so long ago but I do very much want a capable compact for use where a DSLR would be impractical.


(via Adam Savage on Twitter)

Preventing people from taking photographs in public spaces is ridiculous.

I imagine the “Terrorism Act” is cited quite often (but not necessarily any specific part) by private security as a reason why photography wouldn’t be allowed, even in public spaces. But it’s a stupid reason. It’s one step removed from insisting that passersby should cover their avert their gazes and cover their eyes as they walk by these places. Terrorists wouldn’t go to the trouble of doing reconnaissance with photography. All they’d need is a pen and a pad of paper and good memory would be a bonus. It would be less conspicuous. And if that was all they needed, then hell, the view from Google Maps might even be sufficient.

Definitely more of a hands-on learner than a book-learner. With my new found practical understanding of apertures and shutter speeds in photography, the theory of producing light-trail photographs now makes perfect sense. Last night before bed, I put theory into practice. This is what I got:


A nice little exercise involving wide apertures and long shutter speeds. Also, used lens hood to reduce excess light or lens flare and finally found a use for that polarizing filter :p

The first of these photos was with my phone but the rest were all taken in full Manual mode. I’m getting the hang of it now, so no more “Intelligent Auto” unless it’s some kind of emergency and I don’t have the time to adjust settings.

Was dealing with some stuff back home anyway and the weather was nice so I thought it was a good opportunity to practise photography. Here’s a collection of very random shots, taken in Greenwich (including Greenwich Park, The Painted Hall and Chapel at Old Royal Naval College).

Automatic trains are cool: this was my first time on the DLR. :)

There’s a little something in here for fans of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Imag0630 Fountain1 P1040609 P1040610 P1040625 P1040635 P1040642 P1040645 P1040646 P1040647 P1040649 P1040650 P1040653 P1040661 P1040666 P1040672 P1040703 P1040686 P1040690 P1040692 P1040695 P1040698 P1040707 P1040708 P1040716 P1040725 Skyline P1040746r P1040747 P1040749ac P1040752ac P1040754cr P1040762 See the full gallery on Posterous

It’s summer and it’s warm.

Sometimes it gets too warm and I have to leave the windows open to let in the cool night air. Unfortunately, it also means letting in other things.

So we have three special guests joining us tonight. A crane-fly, a little moth and finally a huge moth. That big moth was probably the largest moth I’ve ever seen. I think it must have had around a 10cm wingspan. When it got into my room and flew around, I thought at first that it was a small blackbird or other small bird.

Images are not to scale. They’ve been cropped to provide a better view. I estimate that the small moth has a wingspan roughly the width of two pennies

Crane P1040597_2 P1040594_2

Probably one of the worst times to break down: buses were obstructed and traffic was piling up behind that car in the bottom right. Eventually two people got out and started pushing, to move the car out of the way.

Taken at around 5pm today. Another cat taking it easy in the heat.

Taken at around 5pm today. Another cat taking it easy in the heat.