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Problem: Experiencing a period of increased distractibility. Attention drifting to distant, or “exterior” sounds, like people talking downstairs.

Workaround: Institute a louder, closer source of sound that I can control. Got music playing and volume turned up.

Note: It seems rather hit and miss how various conditions are diagnosed because there’s so much overlap in diagnostic criteria of various neurodiverse states. It’s a wonder that anyone actually gets the right support they need. A very similar (or even identical) set of symptoms diagnosed one way warrants medication but diagnosed another way, the advice is to work on self-management.

I actually took an official diagnostic test for ADHD this week. I scored firmly in the middle of the “highly probable for ADHD” range of scores. However, all the issues I have (and have pretty much always had, but now outstripping my ability to cope with them, I think) with focus/ concentration/ attention/ organisation could also (perhaps additionally, rather than instead) be due to dyspraxia, aspergers and more recently ME.


Don’t wish me luck. Wish me ironclad focus. 

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